I Make Words Awesome.

As a freelance writer, editorial expert, and all-around marketing maven, I’ve done it all: books, magazine articles, web content, social media, brochures, press releases, marketing materials, and then some. You know what I hate? Boring writing. Nothing is worse than a page full of words, words, words that say nothing at all (er, barring world hunger and abused puppies–way worse!). Who wants to read that? I don’t. Do you?

No? Alright then, let’s have some fun!

After more than a decade working in an array of mouse-colored cubicles, I stopped freelancing as simply a side gig and made it into a permanent thing. My natural appetite to learn new things and constantly be challenged has led me down many assignment paths, including: eco-crafts for tweens; fitness for women; finances for parents-to-be; supplements for men; annuities for retirees; and high-school baseball for sport enthusiasts. Now it’s time to add your audience to the list!

I like to write stuff that people WANT to read. It can be done with any topic, and I’m just the girl to get you there. Ready? Let’s wow your audience with words.