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An essential resource for any self-employed, freelance, or work-from-home professional, Me, Myself & Ideas offers tips, tools, and a host of brainstorming exercises aimed at crushing mental blocks and forging ahead with innovative solutions. Whether you’re stuck on a logistical problem or experiencing a creative dry spell, the activities in this book are sure to get you thinking in new and powerful ways. (Andrews McMeel, April 2019).

Co-authored with Jessica Nordskog. For more information about Me, Myself & Ideas, visit Wonder: An Idea Studio.



Digital devices put a whole world at your fingertips. Play a game, listen to music, do research for school, read a story, or make a video―anywhere, anytime. Connect with friends and family in fast and easy ways. Post photos and share ideas and inspiration. And that’s only a small part of it. Just like the real world, the digital world is full of exciting, helpful, and even life-changing possibilities. And just as in the real world, girls need to know how to navigate it wisely and keep themselves safe. With everything from quizzes that test safety smarts to advice on how to deal with cyberbullying, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Digital World will get her started. (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl.) American Girl Publishing, Summer 2017



Discover the lovable American Girl® characters—from Kaya to the latest Girl of the Year™—with this newest guide from DK.

Featuring all the BeForever™ and Girl of the Year characters, American Girl Character Encyclopedia is packed with incredible facts and details about each doll. Explore sets, accessories, outfits, and more—including a look at some of the popular Truly Me™ dolls and collections. With stunning full-color photography, essential information about each character, and fascinating little known facts, the American Girl Character Encyclopedia is a must-have for American Girl fans of all ages.

Co-authored with Erin Falligant.

© 2017 American Girl. All rights reserved. American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by and used under license from American Girl.


Explore 30 years of American Girl® from the BeForever™ characters like Samantha and Melody, all of the Girl of the Year™ line including Lea, and the variety of the TrulyMe™ dolls. American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide will be a treasured addition to every American Girl fan’s bookshelf, with beautiful imagery and enlightening facts and information about the complete line of American Girl dolls. Featuring a detailed timeline of the company and tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes information, this book takes readers on a wonderful journey from the start of The Pleasant Company all the way through to present day.

Co-authored with Erin Falligant and Laurie Calkhoven.

© 2016 American Girl. All rights reserved. American Girl and associated trademarks are owned by an used under license from American Girl.


Sometimes girls get so busy with homework, friends, sports, hobbies, family, and more, that they just need a little time to relax—and recharge! Not only that, but on days when she just doesn’t feel like herself (a little tired, cranky, or sad), creating some “me-time” is just what she needs to bring back the smiles. Girls can use Truly Me: Spa-Mazing book to get their minds, bodies, and spirits back in balance. They’ll find page after page of activities, tips, treatments, and tear-outs to put them on a pampering path that will have them feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for whatever comes their way. It’s a great starting place for creating an at-home spa day to share with friends or family, too—and getting everyone re-energized! (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl.) American Girl Publishing, Spring 2016 


A girl’s bedroom is her own personal space, and it should represent her own personal style! Truly Me: Styling Spaces is filled with all of her favorite things, of course, but adding flair and finesse that’s all her makes it even more fun! This book basically turns a girl into an interior designer. It’s filled with tips and suggestions for exploring her sense of style and discovering options for making her space reflect her personality. She’ll take fun quizzes, do creative crafts, and find easy ways to make big changes that will make it obvious that her bedroom belongs to her—and inspire her to add a personal touch to other rooms, too! (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl.) American Girl Publishing, Spring 2016 



In Truly Me: Friends Forever, girls will love celebrating their friends with flair! This book is filled with ways for girls to explore their personal friendship style, from quizzes to exciting activities and crafts for friends to do together. (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl.) American Girl Publishing, Spring 2015 



What’s her student style? Truly Me: School Spirit is filled with ways for girls to celebrate their favorite things about school. From quizzes to clever crafts and activities, girls can liven up their lockers, add flair to the classroom, and more! (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl) American Girl Publishing, Spring 2015



Celebrate girls’ unique talents! Truly Me: Shine Bright helps girls explore what makes them extraordinary, whether they’re in or out of the spotlight. From quizzes to exciting activities and crafts, there are so many ways for girls to embrace their personal sparkle.(Image property of Mattel’s American Girl) American Girl Publishing, Spring 2015



In Animal Answers, girls can join Amber and the other Innerstar University guides as they go on an animal-knowledge safari! Packed with puzzles, brainteasers, mazes, riddles, and critter-filled activities, this book will make girls the master of the animal kingdom! She’ll also get animal flashcards, secret message decoders, punch-out animal pencil toppers, and animal stickers! (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl) American Girl Publishing, Spring 2013


The Cutest Nature Book Ever! is a girl’s guide to having fun with nature. The book is designed to get girls outside and appreciate the great outdoors through: craft challenges that give girls a reason to explore their outdoor surroundings and then make fun things with the items they’ve collected; prompts that inspire girls to journal and write creative stories about nature; instructions on how to preserve things found in nature, such as how to press leaves and press flowers; and games played outdoors using items found outside. (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl) American Girl Publishing, Winter 2009


Earth Smart Crafts shows a girl how to make fun and trendy accessories to wear, items to decorate her space, and gifts to give–all with stuff that might normally end up in the trash. Using old clothes, junk mail, soup cans, cereal boxes, and more, the crafts in this book will inspire a girl to come up will all kinds of cool creations. So, what are you waiting for? Reuse. Recycle. RE-CREATE! (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl) American Girl Publishing, Summer 2009


What’s cute as a button? Any project in this Button Crafts! With crafts using all kinds of buttons, this book shows girls how to easily create fun accessories and clothing to wear, unique gifts to give, and cool decorations to dress up their rooms. Girls can also learn to sew on a button with our step-by-step instructions. Or choose one of the many crafts that just use glue. (Image property of Mattel’s American Girl) American Girl Publishing, Fall 2009