Meet Carrie

Who knew Chemistry 101 would lead me to a career in writing? When I started college, I was convinced I should become a doctor. Could I stomach the sight of blood? Well, no. Could I handle the smell of hospitals? Not exactly. But who cares; I was going to be a doctor!

Overlooking the obvious obstacles, I signed up for Chemistry 101—and within a week realized science was not quite my forte. Still, against my professor’s strong urging to do otherwise, I stuck with it. I didn’t fail the class, but how I passed is one of life’s many mysteries. One thing’s for sure, a semester in tears made me reevaluate what I wanted to do in life. And all signs pointed to writing.

My career has been focused on communications development and writing and editing since graduating with a B.A. in English in 2000 from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (Go Bucky!). Through my extensive experience, I’ve done it all: wrote magazine articles, edited web content, developed social media messages, created brochure content, proofread press releases, masterminded marketing materials, and much more. Some of this experience I gained as a freelance writer, something that until 2013 I did in tandem while working full-time as a communications professional (I’m now full-time solo…woo!). Basically it boils down to this—I can handle loads of different types of work and can be trusted to complete it to a client’s specifications and on time. Best of all, I’m not a high maintenance writer.

The doctor thing may not have panned out (and there are many healthy patients who should be grateful), but my writing is strong. Along the way, I’ve made a point to challenge myself with new things while never forgetting that producing quality work is of utmost importance.