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AliveShoes is an innovative fashion-tech platform enabling individuals and small companies to design their own custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch. The detailed user experience includes application screening, professional design tools, sales resources, and advanced branding services. The creative team contracted my services to streamline the site through UX writing and inform the user through digital copywriting.   

UX Writing
Digital Copywriting

UX Writing

My Role:

Use words to create an intuitive and efficient experience for the AliveShoes applicants and users. 

Brand Objectives Met:

1. Define the brand voice and tone, which took on the vibe of a laid-back conversation with a trendy, smart friend.
2. Edit existing copy and content to American English standards, as AliveShoes is based in Italy with a creative team of a native Italian speakers. 
3. Write and edit UX copy for all points of interaction, include headlines, buttons, call-to-actions, descriptions, and more.
4. Advise on user flow and test site features to ensure accuracy. 

AliveShoes, Long-Scroll Page Sections, Home

AliveShoes, Long-Scroll Section, How It Works

AliveShoes, Call-to-Action Samples

AliveShoes, Microcopy Samples

Digital Copywriting

My Role:

Apply brand voice and style to copy throughout the entire website, as well as AliveShoes' email marketing campaign.

Brand Objectives Met:

1. Generate applicant leads using clear, concise, and consistent website and marketing copy to demonstrate the platform's standout features. 
2. Write and edit copy for entire email sequence, including subject lines, call-to-actions, and content.
3. Eliminate user stress by translating a complex backend into simple, straightforward terms to allow easier flow along the user journey.
4. Create an FAQ page, organized in a succinct hierarchy with copy focused on simplicity and effectiveness.

AliveShoes, Press Summary Samples

AliveShoes, FAQ Samples

AliveShoes, Description Samples

AliveShoes, Email Samples