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Olo Acupuncture is a community acupuncture clinic based in New York City offering wellness-based services. To better showcase their services, staff, and community, I partnered with Olo to provide copy and strategy for the rebranding and redesigning of their website. 

UX Writing
Digital Copywriting

UX Writing

My Role:

Provide microcopy and macrocopy to enhance the user's onsite experience. 

Brand Objectives Met:

1. Develop the site's voice and tone to serve as an extension of the calming, serene, healing experience of Olo's services.
2. Enhance the company's community focus by using inviting, conversational copy.
3. Guide and help the user who may be new to community-based acupuncture or, at a higher level, wellness clinics in general.
4. Map out patient stages and deliver the necessary copy to meet established objectives.

Olo, Cancellations & Lateness Sequence

Olo, Microcopy Sample

Olo, New Patient Guide

Digital Copywriting

My Role:

Create website, marketing campaign, and social media copy to educate and engage existing and potential customers.

Brand Objectives Met:

1. Write sales-oriented copy to promote new and existing services on the website, in email blasts, and through social media posts. 
2. Maintain the established voice and tone while also mirroring the brand's community-based services.
3. Create an FAQ page, organized in a clear and concise hierarchy with copy focused on informing new customers and building brand loyalty.
4. Develop opportunities for user-generated content via testimonials.

Olo, Service Description Samples

Olo, Facebook Post Samples

Olo, Practitioner Bio Samples

Olo, FAQ Samples