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Shopbop, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a high-end clothing and accessories online store featuring a curated collection of fashion items from contemporary and designer labels. With more than 1,000 established brands sold through their platform, new product is continually being added to the site. I was regularly contracted by the company to write product descriptions of new apparel and accessories. 

Product Copywriting

My Role:

Write and edit product copy description for apparel and accessories created by contemporary designer labels sold on Shopbop.com. 

Brand Objectives Met:

1. Create simplistic yet engaging product copy consistent with the company’s editorial voice. 
2. Include precise descriptions of garments and accessories measuring and weighing apparel and identifying fabric content and origin.
3. Ensure the copy provided fulfills the unique shopping experience Shopbop users have come to expect. 

ShopBop, Product Copy Description Samples